Sarah and Dave's Wedding

Bright colored weddings seem to be having a comeback and we're all for it! While we still love classic white and soft blush, vibrant hues are fun and so cheerful. And those two words, fun and cheerful, really do describe the vibe for Sarah and Dave's wedding day. 

Ceremony & Reception
Black on Burlington

Sara Marie Photography

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Mia Bridal

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Photoshoot for the Perfect Wedding Guide

When designing the bouquets for this shoot we wanted to create a look that was classic with a modern twist. In the first bouquet we color blocked bright orange tulips, free spirit roses, sweet pea, bird of paradise and freesia. Knotted flax and parakeet heliconia stems were added to give a modern and visual interest. 

For the second bouquet we designed a cascade in a range of purples. To create a less traditional shape we used the large green selloum leaves and variegated aspidistra to form a base. The choice of leaves and sweet huckleberry branches gave a unique and tropical look. We added a funky purple spiral wire for sheen.  

When adding flowers to a wedding cake sometimes less is more- you don't want to take away from the cakes design. For the first cake we added only a few sprigs of greenery at the base allowing the cake to really shine. As an accent to the delicate sugar work on the second cake we carefully traced the shape with white orchids. 

Lindsay and Tony's July 7th Wedding

Lindsay and Tony were married at the historic Firestone Building in downtown Kansas City. We knew this would be a great venue for our 10' tall antique wrought iron chuppah. The ceremony was on the 3rd floor with white walls and bright light that really made the canopy glow with the vibrant mix of summer blooms, fuchsia orchids and greenery. Moving to the reception on the top floor was a total contrast. The loft like space is very urban with large crystal chandeliers. Instead of continuing with the bright color scheme we created a mix of tall and low centerpieces in all white flowers. The classic and sophisticated arrangements looked great in their urban space. 

Ceremony & Reception
The Historic Firestone Building

Beau Vaughn

How to make your floral arrangements last longer

We hate waste. Especially when it's flowers! So whether you have just received a lovely bouquet of fresh blooms or just put one together yourself, follow our tips to help make each bouquet last!

  • Water. It seems obvious but larger arrangements and certain types of flowers will go through more water than others. So always make sure your vase has enough water.
  • Speaking of water, you want it to be clear of any debris. The part of the stem that will be submerged in water needs to have the leaves removed. Anything underwater creates bacteria and clogs the stem. 
  • Those food packets that come with grocery store bouquets really work. Mix it in! You need one packet per pint of water. If you don't happen to have any of those on hand you can add a splash of hydrogen peroxide to keep bacteria from forming. 
  • Keep your flowers in a cool or dark spot. Warm sunshine will quickly shorten the lifespan of your cut flowers. 
  • Keep your arrangement away from your fresh fruit. When fruit ripens it emits an odorless gas, ethylene. This gas will cause your flowers to age much more quickly just as the sun does to your face!
  • Similar to the reason above, if you notice some of your flowers are going bad, remove them from your arrangement. Aging flowers in an arrangement will cause other flowers to go bad from the increased ethylene. 
  • If you're trimming flowers for you own bouquet be sure to use sharp scissors so you don't damage or mash the stem.
  • If you store your arrangement in the fridge at night when you go to bad it will last a lot longer!


  • Add pennies, aspirin or sugar to keep your flowers fresh.

This doesn't work. However, you can add sugar but will need to mix with Clorox to counterbalance the bacteria growth from the sugar. Flowers don't need the food as much as they need the anti-bacteria.

  • You need to retrim the stems.

Nope. If you're adding chemicals to manage the bacteria you do not need to retrim the stems.

  • Cut the stem at an angle.

The same amount of capillaries are exposed with a flat cut as an angled cut.

  • Woody stems need to be mashed or beaten.

Does hammering your feet make you run faster? No. Mashing or beating woody stems does not help increase water flow but only creates more bacteria in the water.  




Janine and Rich's September 16th Wedding

Janine and Rich live in New York but planned their wedding to be in Kansas City. Glamour was important- look at Janine! So with sophistication in mind, we created large domed arrangements in shades of pink combined with pops of white on top of clear glass vases. Smaller arrangements were designed in bronze compotes with the same blend of flowers that sat lower on the tables. The bridal party and cake also had pink flowers leaving the all white for the bride, her groom, and groomsmen. See their teaser film by Cork Creative here!

Meagan and Ben's May 26th Wedding

There really wasn't a spring season this year in Kansas City. Instead we went from the frigid cold to hot and humid almost over night! Lucky for Meagan and Ben, the unpredictable spring weather decided to lay low and instead their late spring wedding felt more like summer with clear skies and lush green for as far as the eye could see. Vintage lanterns lined the aisle down to a tree where we hung three large orbs that worked as a backdrop for when Meagan and Ben said their vows. We designed Meagan's bouquets in vibrant hues of sturdy florals that would withstand the heat but added loose and airy greenery to give off an organic wildflower look. 

Ceremony & Reception
Lone Summit Ranch

Photos By Neyan

Lindsay and Billy's March 2nd Wedding

Every once in a while you see sneak peek photos from a wedding on social media that really gets you excited to see more. Lindsay and Billy's wedding was one of those! Their ceremony and reception took place at the Hilton President in downtown Kansas City. Everything about their day exuded elegance. The venue is illuminated with large crystal chandeliers and gold details so sophistication was key when designing the floral arrangements. We kept everything clean with greenery, white flowers and only the softest hints of pale pink roses. 

Tiffany and Zach's October 21st Wedding

When thinking of Disney movies fairy tale romances often come to mind. So when Tiffany shared with us that Beauty and the Beast was her wedding inspiration we knew this was going to be a unique wedding and looked forward to the opportunity to customize this theme. The setting was important and Longview Mansion is the picture perfect venue for the old French castle tucked away from the city. It provides a grand fountain out front and stunning grounds. Also important to the theme is the magical red rose. We made sure to include red roses throughout all the floral arrangements excluding Tiffany's bouquet. Tiffany's dream bouquet was in the shape of a heart. We designed it using white flowers and the palest shades of pink and green. Every detail, from the blue sequin bridesmaid dresses to the twinkling lights and chandeliers pulled together creating "a tale as old as time".

Ceremony & Reception
Longview Mansion

Freeland Photography

Lindsay and Mike's October 28th Wedding

The neutral colored florals for Lindsay and Mike's wedding were anything but boring! They really looked stunning against the deep blue and red bridesmaid dresses as well as the blue and gold accents at the Carriage Club. We added strands of crystals to the reception centerpieces to elevate the look. The feel was elegant and timeless. 

Carrie & Ryan's October 14th Wedding

Carrie and Ryan had traditional country club wedding. Carrie's bouquet was a mix of light pinks, peach, creams, white and dashes of soft purples. Instead of any heavy or dark greenery we used eucalyptus and dusty miller to keep her bouquet soft and romantic. To continue that soft and romantic vibe the greenery stayed the same in all other flower arrangements and bouquets. The floral shades, however, were brightened up a bit with mini green and blue hydrangea, cranberry stock, and free spirit roses.

St. Peters

Kansas City Country Club

Jesssica Roark with EpagaFoto

Wedding Coordination
Holly Davidson with Simple Elegance


Diane and Scott's November 4th Wedding

With the rural outdoor space, exposed wood beams and rafters, and stone fireplace with a log mantle, the Buffalo Lodge can easily lend itself to a rustic look. Diane, however, wanted to steer clear of any burlap and mason jars. So instead, we kept everything clean and sophisticated. The florals and décor had a more romantic woodsy vibe instead of anything rustic. 

Ceremony & Reception
Buffalo Lodge



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HF Studio

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Holiday Inspired Wedding Ideas

Winter is known for the holidays, comfort food, soft sweaters, warm fires, hot chocolate and depending on your locale, snow. With all of these wonderful things we enjoy so much this time of the year we don't typically think of weddings. But why not?! The use of evergreens as either a statement or a subtle accent in your arrangements is festive and gives off the aroma of a fresh woodland forest. Guests will enjoy the ambiance created with an assortment of lighting, strung Christmas lights, decorated chandeliers, candles, and a cozy fireplace. We really like the use of a lot of greens with hints of red, white and metallic gold and silver. Without being too kitschy, we have put together a collection of holiday inspired ideas that just might make you consider a winter wedding. 

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