Mother Knows Best

Part 1

I admit it- There are no new ideas! We absorb influences around us and recreate them to make them our own. I have learned so much from mothers who have brought very useful suggestions to our meetings.

1. "Jean" told me about her first daughter's reception. She was upset that when she finally sat down she realized that her back was facing her daughter who sat at the head table.  Parents tend to be the last people to take a seat because they are chatting with everyone. So when they get to their table of 10 all the best seats are taken. The guests at the family table didn't plan to hog the line-of-sight chairs but it seems to turn out that way.

How to fix it? Place cards are necessary to prevent these mishaps. Some brides have said that they don't care where people sit but their families and wedding party would appreciate to know where you prefer the order they are seated. That way when it comes time to toast, the bride and groom will already be facing their parents.

2. Make sure at least 2 people know how to bustle the back of your wedding gown. Bustles are difficult and in this case 2 sets of hands are better than one.  Did the salon install ties, or hooks, or buttons, or velcro? One mom told me that she used waterproof colored makers to eliminate all the confusion under those yards of fabric on the wedding day.

3. The parents of the bride and groom should have the same joyful experience as their children. They are the host and hostess of the special day and NEED to be there shaking hands and welcoming guests. That is a job! You can't be available if you are setting tables, arranging centerpieces, cooking food, or setting up the cake. We had a groom's mom who baked the cake in Oklahoma and never got into the photo session because she was at the club spending her time setting it up. I have heard from multiple moms that having a day of wedding planner is essential for eliminating insurmountable stress. If a wedding planner isn’t in the budget then maybe you have a close friend who can tend to all the important details.