Alleyway Turned Colorful Dinner Party

We love this pin and apparently so do a couple hundred others. What makes this setting so appealing to us is the simple, fun and easy setup. They turned what would normally be an overlooked alleyway into a playful fiesta themed party.

To replicate this look start by gathering a fun collection of chairs; you may already have some hanging around your place. If you don't, check out Ikea or local flea markets. Next, notice all the playful fabrics. If you don't have the ability to drape fabrics like they did here, bright streamers could give a similar affect. Also, depending on the time of day, consider stringing some globe or bistro lights. And don't forget a mix of pillows in different sizes and patterns. Pillows bring a sense of comfort to outdoor spaces. A couple throw blankets could be fun too as another added textile. When setting the table plan to mismatch everything. The use of different colored table runners and placemats adds to the casual vibe. However, keep any plants or flower arrangements simple as not to compete with everything else going on.

An added extra; rent a food truck. Your hosting job will that much easier and your guests will appreciate the experience. Now I think we are ready to enjoy a margarita and take a swing at the piñata.  What do you think?