Tips for Your Summer Wedding

As we have said before, using flowers in season is best. And in the summer you really want a bloom that can hold up in the heat that summer can present. Here is a list of some of our favorite summer flowers:

Sunflowers. Everyone knows what a sunflower looks like. But sunflowers can come in a lot of different varieties. They can have green centers or no centers. And while some are yellow, some grow with a reddish color. A quick google search will show all of the sunflower possibilities.

Dianthus is another flower that does well in the heat. It can come in pretty shades of pink, purple and reds.  

Dahlias, zinnias and marigolds love hot weather and all come in many different colors and shapes. 

Solidago, also known as golden rod, is great for pops of yellow. Often times people tell me they are allergic to it. However, it is actually hypoallergenic and rag weed is the real culprit, they just happen to grow right next to each other.

Baby's breath has a dainty look but is really hardy and holds up well in the heat. Also, if dipped in Clorox, opens quickly. 

Sea oats, yarrow and locally grown liatris are also good summer options.

To help keep flowers from wilting in the heat we spray them with a liquid wax. It is also important to keep your arrangements and bouquets in cooler conditions as long as possible. We once had a wedding with 105 heat index that day. We left everything in the house until the very last minute and everything was fine!  Also, some flowers like hydrangeas will do good in heat but are best kept in water - they wont last being walked around in a bouquet all day.

Anytime your wedding is outdoors you have to think about a lot of different things the indoor bride doesn't... not to mention a backup plan! Here are a few tips for outdoor summer weddings we think are helpful for keeping your guests happy and comfortable.

Summer usually means it is hot... while large fans can be loud and ugly, small handheld paper fans are nice to have so guests can create their own breeze if needed. Or if it's really a scorcher, maybe some larger high-quality fans in certain areas wouldn't be too bad.

Another thing that comes to mind when thinking about summer are bug bites, especially if your site is near water. It is really hard to enjoy yourself if you're swatting at mosquitos or scratching at yourself all night long. While we don't suggest bug spray, mosquito repellant wrist bands or clip-ons could be sitting in a bowl next to the guest book for easy accesses to those who are prone to bites.

Water is must! Take advantage of all the fun recipes for flavored water on Pinterest along with custom labels for a nice touch. And don't forget ice! 

Make sure to have some shade. If your location doesn't have trees or any other natural shade, consider a tent. It really makes a big difference and your guests will thank you.


Paul Versluis