Propsal with Helzberg Diamonds

As far as wedding proposals go it is usually the girl who eagerly anticipates "the question". However, in an extraordinary turn of events it was Kyle who received a proposal... from Helzberg Diamonds. Kyle would get the ring of his choice but there was a catch, he had to propose to his girlfriend Madison in the next 48 hours. Luckily for him he had one of Kansas City's premier event planners, Nellie, with Events by Nellie to help him pull this off. She hooked him up with all the vendors he needed to make this a spectacular moment. One of his destinations our flower shop. Thanks to Pinterest we discovered that Madison really likes purple flowers. With only this little bit of information I worked with Kyle to create a bouquet that he thought Madison would love.

Kyle and I came to the conclusion that an arm bouquet would be the perfect first impression for when Madison would  meet him on stage of the Kauffman Center. However, the main event would be when Kyle drops to one knee and opens Helzberg's little red box.

The planning didn't stop there... the Bentley waiting outside for them was adorned with a fresh floral garland. It beautifully framed their picture perfect kiss.  

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Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

Event Planner
Events by Nellie

The Ring
Helzberg Diamonds