Tiffany and Zach's October 21st Wedding

When thinking of Disney movies fairy tale romances often come to mind. So when Tiffany shared with us that Beauty and the Beast was her wedding inspiration we knew this was going to be a unique wedding and looked forward to the opportunity to customize this theme. The setting was important and Longview Mansion is the picture perfect venue for the old French castle tucked away from the city. It provides a grand fountain out front and stunning grounds. Also important to the theme is the magical red rose. We made sure to include red roses throughout all the floral arrangements excluding Tiffany's bouquet. Tiffany's dream bouquet was in the shape of a heart. We designed it using white flowers and the palest shades of pink and green. Every detail, from the blue sequin bridesmaid dresses to the twinkling lights and chandeliers pulled together creating "a tale as old as time".

Ceremony & Reception
Longview Mansion

Freeland Photography