Photoshoot for the Perfect Wedding Guide

When designing the bouquets for this shoot we wanted to create a look that was classic with a modern twist. In the first bouquet we color blocked bright orange tulips, free spirit roses, sweet pea, bird of paradise and freesia. Knotted flax and parakeet heliconia stems were added to give a modern and visual interest. 

For the second bouquet we designed a cascade in a range of purples. To create a less traditional shape we used the large green selloum leaves and variegated aspidistra to form a base. The choice of leaves and sweet huckleberry branches gave a unique and tropical look. We added a funky purple spiral wire for sheen.  

When adding flowers to a wedding cake sometimes less is more- you don't want to take away from the cakes design. For the first cake we added only a few sprigs of greenery at the base allowing the cake to really shine. As an accent to the delicate sugar work on the second cake we carefully traced the shape with white orchids.