Forcing Branches

A long winter season calls for a special celebration when spring starts to arrive. Bringing dormant branches indoors and watching them burst into bud is a simple pleasure anybody can have!     
The whole process lasts about a month- it could get you hooked on needing nature in your home.

  • When looking for your branches remember, the more buds the more blossoms you will have. Also, longer stems will make for a more dramatic design.

  • Cut the branches at an angle. This will help increase your branches water intake.

  • Fill your container with room temperature water. If you have floral preservative packets left from past bouquets be sure to use them. But a splash of hydrogen peroxide will keep the stinky stem clogging bacteria from growing.

  • Keep in sunlight to help the opening buds remain stronger.

Eventually leaves will emerge as the blossoms pollinate and fall. This can extend the arrangement a few more days.

Along with obvious flowering choices like cherry, crab, magnolia, forsythia, and spirea you can try shade tree branches too. Red maple is really cool with its long seed clusters.