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Erin and Richie October 25th Wedding

Erin and Richie celebrated their wedding at the Berg event site. As is so popular today they took pre-ceremony photos off site and they choose the grounds of the Nelson Art Gallery. We met them there with bouquets. I noticed that Erin picked up on one of the best trends- her bridesmaids choose whatever style white cocktail dress they preferred. The wedding party went back to The Berg for their ceremony under a Chuppah that we created with 4 birch poles and floral medallions. For the reception we took off their tallis and moved the 4 individual columns to flank the huge windows which made a backdrop for the dance floor. You could see them throughout the reception.


The Berg Event Space

Paper Crane Photo

October 10th Wedding in Flint Hills

Being a full service florist can manifest itself in different forms. Sometimes your perfect wedding venue isn't 10 minutes away. Heather only needed a bridal bouquet, one bridesmaid bouquet, a boutonniere, and some centerpieces for her outdoor wedding in the Flint Hills. She brought us her collection of bottles that were tied together with twine. Her natural bouquet was created with locally sourced lotus pods, cattails, sage, hydrangea, poppy pods and bittersweet. All of these flowers were used in the bottles too. We needed more color and that's why we used orange roses and sunflowers. Friday afternoon Heather stopped by and we had everything boxed and ready to go out the door for her drive out west. You can't get that amazing Kansas horizon in the city. Because we use preservative in our water the flowers remain fresh for the whole weekend.


Christy and Dan's September 6th Wedding

Christy and Dan had a typical stunning Kansas City fall wedding. Her vision was a blend of all the neutral colors with soft green. However, when she saw the rehearsal dinner mock-up she really liked warm addition of a subtle fall color.

Sue, the mother of the groom, liked Christy's choice of neutral colors but wanted a pop of coral considering the time of year. She also wanted them to be reused anywhere at the reception. When the bride saw the sample she liked the idea too; so we added soft corals to her wedding flowers.

We repurposed the rehearsal dinner centerpieces by spreading them across the Muehlbach Lobby bar which really added a big punch to the reception.


Village Presbyterian

Muehlebach Lobby

Gram and Dun

Clayton Jenkins