Please note - We are a custom floral studio and want to provide you with the finest quality designs. Some of the flowers shown in the arrangements below may not be available at the time you place your order. However, our talented design team will work with you to create a similar look. 

We are developing our online ordering system and appreciate your patience and understanding. At this time we are unable to receive online payment. To place an order click the contact us link below or call us at 913-649-9299. We will be up and running soon!

1. Camilla-

2. Katie-

3. Olivia-

4. Bella-

5. Lauren-

6. Mary-

7. Marie-

8. Lorraine-

9. Whitney-

13. Nancy-

17. Susie-

21. Amy-

25. Justine-

10. Wylee-

14. Kathy-

18. Mimi-

22. Sheila-

26. Megan-

11. Aubrey-

15. Addi-

19. Sophie-

23. Madeline-

27. Adrienne-

12. Ellen-

16. Heather-

20. Kristen-

24. Emmy-

28. Heidi-